About Us


Perspecktive is a small organisation providing care and support to Adults with Autism and Learning Disability, to ensure people have continued well being, independence and pursue meaningful relationships.

At perspecktive we support people in a Person Centred way within the comfort of their own homes or as a day opportunity where the individual may be living with parents. This can be done through either a private tailor made service using Direct Payments or through the Local Authority.

Perspecktive was started in March 2013 by Esso Mwangi and Becky Austen former managers for Gettalife. After being mentored by the Directors of Gettalife for two years, Perspecktive in now an independent organisation. Perspecktive Ltd is registered with CQC and are in the NHS, Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull framework.

Our first clients joined us back on the 6th of April 2014. Our aim was to enable people to live in supported living and lead a meaningful life. Previously we had worked in a reputable organisation where we had learnt the essence of sticking with people when things get tough, being in the moment with people adopting and responding to what is happening now, and working in a person centred way. We also wanted a company where we can work hand in hand with families, professionals and people with best interest of the people we support.


  • People with learning difficulties can live ordinary wonderful lives with the right support to do so.
  • We support people to be themselves and not expect them to fit how we think they should.
  • Everyone needs to have meaningful relationships in their lives, which help them to feel loved, needed, wanted and respected.
  • Inclusion in all aspects of society and a great life is everyone’s right, no one should be excluded.
  • Life should be a mixture of fun, things to do, things to achieve and things to contribute to others, as well as times for reflection and relaxation.
  • Everyone’s basic personal care and health needs should be well met to be able to enjoy life and have a good life.
  • We value diversity and want to be part of a society which is made of varied and different people, as we recognise the richness that this brings to our lives.
  • Everyone can tell us what they want and need, we need to get better at hearing what people are saying to us or showing us.
  • We want to grow, develop and try new experiences; this might include taking assessed risks, which have been managed responsibly.
  • Everyone is valuable and has a contribution to make.